butterfly theme by moonwisp

preview 1 / preview 2 / preview 3 / code

idrk where i was going with this when i started„, but i kinda like how it turned out !! it’s super fun to customize!

features and stuff under the cut

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I made more of the pokedoll pixels I posted the other day! (that last one is supposed to be a substitute doll ;v; ). Again, if you use any of them, please credit me!
[part 1]



P4ログまとめ | MAMI [pixiv]


i edited this redux like back in january but didn’t rlly use it that long. but i noticed like 3 people using it and felt special so i’m making a post about it lmao

it’s not anything good or special. so don’t expect anything fancy. um. if you have any questions ask me? i guess

code / live preview

Animal Crossing Sprites Masterpost


This is a quick reference post for anybody who wants to use the Hoeass Animal Crossing Sprites that I uploaded to Welcome to Athena. Please remember that I only uploaded these here because Hoeass had to move the sprites twice to prevent hotlinking to his site, they are uploaded here specifically so that you can hotlink them from this blog as needed, but any credit that you give should go to Hoeass and his website. (A link back here would be appreciated, but is not necessary!)

Item Related Sprites

Character Sprites

Villager Sprites - (Sorted by Species)

Wadanohara Character Bios


i took screenshots of all the wadanohara character bio things and i thought i should upload them here so o_o also tw for blood underneath the cut, also wadanohara spoilers



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"styles theme" by meroku (click to enlarge)

this theme features 2 styles so it’s like 2 themes in 1. you can select either of them and customize to your liking. please read on for features and customizations!! (not a redux theme but kinda sorta inspired))


  • 4 post sizes, 250, 350, 400, 500
  • optional shadows with 2 different styles to have them
  • 3 different optional borders, solid, dashed and dotted
  • in style 1, background opacity
  • in style 2, the option to position your description box wherever you want it
  • lots of color customizations
  • optional background image
  • fonts to select from
  • post info border option
  • optional infinite scrolling

preview 1 / preview 2 / code

continue reading on for some quick info about customizing:

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Madoka Magica Pixels Masterpost!


Thanks for 50 followers! I’ve made a masterpost of all the madoka magica pixels I have on my computer :)

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madoka magica pixel FULL masterpost


be grateful 4 this i spent many hours on the internet for this since the old one got deleted

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paris 2004  theme by anaklusmo

hey listen to this song

code + live pv


  • side image inside of sidebar
  • favicon
  • 4 links (6 if you count home + inbox on top of the sidebar)
  • big (540px) and medium (440px) posts
  • borders
  • max background option
  • post shadow
  • option to hide album art on audio posts
  • change text, link, post background, background and border colours